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manicure pedicure

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Peaceful Seas Nurturing Face, Shoulder and Scalp Massage

A deeply relaxing and warming Indian head style experience with a melting neck and shoulder massage, a targeted pressure point facial massage sequence, lifting eye massage, and aromatherapy warm oil scalp massage. The ritual is finished with an application of warmed seaweed-based scalp mud, to deeply condition the scalp and soothe the senses. Excellent for tension held in the head and neck.

Treatment Time 55 min   Cost £70

Hot Salt Rock Muscle Mend + Soothe Muscle

Discover Sea Magik Hot Salt Rock Muscle Mend + Soothe Massage and experience the healing power of a targeted back massage.

Our warmed natural Himalayan salt rocks are used to massage your back in soothing deep tissue techniques, specifically designed to dissolve muscle tightness and tension whilst promoting a sense of calm. The special pink Himalayan Salt Rocks provide a unique combination of remineralisation, detoxification and nourishment that benefits both the mind and body. With its calming properties, this therapeutic massage can help you feel physically renewed and at peace.


Treatment Time 45 mins Cost £55

Yogassage Soothing Waves Ritual – Full Body

Transform your body and mind with Sea Magik Yogassage Soothing Waves Ritual, a deeply relaxing full body yoga and ocean-inspired massage sequence, utilising traditional Lomi Lomi massage style.

The ritual begins with full alignment of the body and extra comfort checks to ensure deep relaxation is achieved. Long, sweeping massage movements are applied seamlessly over the body while gentle stretching and muscle manipulation sequences help to release tension in the joints and muscles of the body. With this heavenly ritual your energy meridians will be unblocked, releasing stress and tension built up within your system for an ultimate feeling of relaxation.

Treatment Time 75 mins      Cost £75

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